Amp Up the Fun at Your Quinceanera: Oregon City Party Rentals

Amp Up the Fun at Your Quinceanera: Oregon City Party Rentals

quinceaneraOne of the most exciting times for a young girl and her family is the planning of her Quinceanera. This celebration is to recognize the maturity of the young lady as she moves into adulthood on her fifteenth birthday. Many Quinceaneras have large guest lists of 100-300 people or more, making it a huge undertaking that has been compared by many event planners to that of a formal wedding.

While it is possible to host a Quinceanera on a budget, there are still a lot of things that must be considered. Local vendors who provide Oregon City party rentals, such as a photo booth for special event, tables and decorations, can be a huge help to frantic mothers who are working to create a memorable day for their daughters. SnapZone Photo Booth can help provide a fun way to entertain your guests and create memories with our social media photo booth rentals.

Why a Photo Booth?
When you are hosting a Quinceanera you will need to think about the venue, the food, the music, the decorations and consider hiring a photographer to memorialize the event. Instead of paying an hourly rate to have a photographer come into your party and bother your guests who are trying to dance or eat, consider getting a portable photo booth rental instead. SnapZone provides services to Quinceaneras, weddings, birthday parties, retirement parties, office events, fundraisers and more within the Greater Portland area. We come to you, so as long as the venue where you are hosting your party approves, we will be there.

Renting a photo booth for a special event is a fun and exciting way to get your guests involved and keep them busy while you are staging the other activities at the Quinceanera. Our technicians will show up early to your event, set up the Oregon City party rentals and be ready when your guests arrive. Fun photo booth features, such as props, backgrounds and customized photo strips that can be used as favors for your guests to remember your Quinceanera, make it much more exciting than just regular pictures. Everyone will be talking about how much fun they had in the portable photo booth rental.

Share Photos Via Social Media
Another great feature of the SnapZone Photo Booth is our special social media photo booth options. We call it the Hashtag Print Station because it allows you and your guests to share your photos online via a specially created hashtag to mark your Quinceanera. It also invites guests to share photos that they took via smartphones or digital cameras into the photo gallery. It’s a great way to encourage more photos to be taken at your special party and is a great way to collect photos for a photo album or to print out to remember your celebration.

To use the Hashtag Print Station, all your guests have to do is take a photo on a mobile device and post that photo to your special Instagram account using the unique special event hashtag that we create for you to use during the Quinceanera. All of the images from your guests’ mobile devices will be gathered together with the images from the portable photo booth rental to create a gallery that will be on display at your party on an iPad. Guests can then browse the photos, choose the pictures they want and then print them at the party in addition to the photos taken in the social media photo booth.

Plan Ahead for Oregon City Party Rentals
If you are interested in securing a portable photo booth rental for your Quinceanera, make sure to plan ahead. As soon as you know the date of your special event, contact our team to make sure one of our party rentals will be available for your celebration. You can reserve a photo booth weeks or months in advance, but the sooner you can make your reservation, the better. This is especially true around holidays, during wedding season, graduation party time and other major events where a photo booth for special event rentals are popular.

To find out more about adding the Hashtag Print Station to your photo booth for a special event in the Greater Portland area at Quinceaneras, weddings, office parties, charity events, family gatherings and much more, give us a call at 503-207-2020. Our staff will help you book your rental and get started planning to include this fun and exciting feature with your portable photo booth rental. Call today to BOOK a BOOTH or check on availability and pricing for our unique packages and options!

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