Birthday Parties for Grown-ups: Rent a Photo Booth in Oregon

Birthday Parties for Grown-ups: Rent a Photo Booth in Oregon

birthday-partyIt can be a lot of fun to host a birthday party for a grown-up family member who is celebrating a milestone year. Someone who is turning 30, 40, 50, 60 or more will appreciate the fact that you are recognizing their big year and spent time looking for a great way to celebrate it and invite all of their friends and family to participate as well. If you already have a theme in mind you can start picking out decorations and other important party elements online or at your local Oregon City party rentals store. However, if you are still a little up in the air or unsure about what to do, you should at least nail down the basics.

Where Do You Want to Host the Party?
This is a big and important question that must be answered before you can make any other concrete plans. Choose a favorite spot of the guest of honor, someone’s home, a party room at a homeowners association community, apartment complex or public recreation center. Just make sure that there will be enough room at the venue to handle everyone on your guest list and a few extra just in case others show up uninvited.

Think about the things that you want to include in your party, such as games or a birthday photo booth rental, to make sure that there’s enough room at the venue site to handle all of the activities that you want to feature. Most venues will allow you to rent a photo booth in Oregon City or anywhere in the Greater Portland area, but you should ask the event planner or venue coordinator to make sure there won’t be a problem.

How Do You Want to Decorate?
If you have chosen a theme for the birthday party, the decorations can be pretty easy. Your local Oregon City party rentals store will have all of the things that you need to plan a great party for your friend or loved one. Go traditional with streamers and balloons or decide to go all out with a specific theme that the birthday honoree will appreciate. When you rent a social media photo booth, make sure to ask if the green screen or background can be coordinated to accommodate the party theme.

Speak with the venue about the type of decorations that can be used and ask whether or not there are any restrictions. You wouldn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on decorative items only to find out that more than half of them can’t be used for one reason or another. Incorporate the set-up of your birthday photo booth rental into your decorations to ensure that guests have ample time to visit the booth and take a photo while the attendant is still there and on-site.

Food, Snacks & Desserts
Another important element for any party is the type of food that you are serving. Don’t forget about drinks and make sure to decide early on whether or not the drinks will be adult beverages or if you will stick to soda and iced tea. To save money, instead of an open bar you can choose to create a signature drink that reflects the theme of the birthday party. This can be a huge savings instead of an open bar with top shelf liquor and a thirsty bunch of guests.

Consider adding a dessert table that includes all of the guest of honor’s favorites in small sample sizes for easy grabbing and eating. Decorate the table with photos of the birthday guy or gal as a youngster all the way up until today. Make it fun and exciting so it will be a nice alternative to a traditional birthday cake or as a nice “extra” in addition to a big milestone birthday cake.

Reserve Your Oregon City Party Rentals Today
If you would like to rent a photo booth in Oregon City or anywhere in the Greater Portland area, look no further than SnapZone Photo Booth. Our team of customer service agents and photo booth attendants can help you choose the best type of package for your birthday photo booth rental based upon your needs and the theme of your event. Give us a call today at 503-207-2020 to find out more about our services or to BOOK a BOOTH for your next milestone birthday party.

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