Elegant Holiday Parties: Photo Booth Rentals in Portland, OR

Elegant Holiday Parties: Photo Booth Rentals in Portland, OR

Elegant Holiday Parties in PortlandWhile you might not think to rent a photo booth for an elegant, luxurious holiday theme party, this type of experience is welcome at just about any type of gathering. Weddings, graduations, birthdays, charity events and even corporate parties are some of the most frequent users of Portland photo booth rentals. In fact, many celebrity, A-lister type parties feature a social medial photo booth.

Guests of all ages and social standings enjoy taking photos with friends, family and colleagues, and will even get into using photo booth props. So whether you are throwing your event at a million dollar mansion or in your own backyard, consider getting a photo booth in Portland for the enjoyment of your guests. It isn’t just a source of entertainment, but it is also a great ice-breaker and way to get everyone involved in the activities.

Set a Beautiful Table
Another great tip for setting a memorable and fun holiday party, is to set a beautiful table that coordinates in color and style with the holiday you are celebrating. Christmas, New Years, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Easter, 4th of July and just about any other holiday that you would be celebrating, have distinct colors and themes that you can incorporate into the table design. Table settings, including chargers, plates, silver, napkins and tablecloths, along with centerpieces, favors and other little indulgences, can be a great way to carry the theme throughout every part of the event.

Include a little note about your Portland photo booth rentals and put it on a card for each guest table. This will let them know how the social media photo booth works and what they need to do to share photos with other guests during and after the party. When you rent a photo booth, make sure to get enough details to create an accurate card for each table so you’ll know how long the photo booth in Portland will be there and what type of photo booth props will be available for your guests to use and enjoy. Make sure to announce the photo booth in a fun and exciting way to get your guests excited about using it.

Plan, But Don’t Over-Plan
It is important to be prepared for your big holiday party. You’ll need to set the venue, hire the caterer, pick out a special cake or dessert, hire the help, put down deposits on bands, DJs or other entertainers. It is important to stay organized, but just make sure that you don’t over-plan for the event. No party will ever be 100 percent perfect. Things will go wrong. Just make sure you book your social media photo booth in advance so you don’t end up having to take pictures yourself or wish that you had done it early. Portland photo booth rentals get busy around major holidays and local festivals, so make sure to book it as soon as you set the date for your holiday party or event.

Don’t Over-Spend on Decorations
While you want your party to look elegant and over-the-top, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on decorations and high-priced drinks. Get some beautiful decorations, plates and centerpieces that fit your party’s theme, but get them on sale, in bulk or online – whatever it takes to keep your party on target with the budget. When you rent a photo booth, make sure to ask questions about what is included, such as photo both props, so you will get everything you want at a price you can afford.

Set the mood with some beautiful lighting options. Whether your holiday party is in December or late spring, you can use white Christmas lights to set the mood for your event. Don’t just use the regular overhead lights at the venue, in your backyard or at the office, go ahead and use a couple of different lower light sources, such as LED candles, colorful holiday lights or strip lighting. Just make sure to set aside a separate area for your Portland photo booth rentals that can be properly lit without interfering with your mood lighting.

Book a Booth at SnapZone Photo Booth in Portland
If you are interested in learning how to rent a photo booth in the Greater Portland area, contact SnapZone by calling 503-207-2020. Our team can help you choose the best package that includes an on-site attendant, photo booth props, and everything you need to have a rocking, upscale party for you and your friends. Call today and ask about our social media photo booth options for your SnapZone photo booth in Portland!

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