Office Party Planning 101: Rent a Photo Booth in Happy Valley

Office Party Planning 101: Rent a Photo Booth in Happy Valley

office-party-planningOne of the best ways to reduce stress in an office setting is to throw an office party. An office party, whether for the holidays, at the end of a busy quarter or to celebrate a special milestone in the company’s success, can be a great way to get everyone together to thank them for all their hard work. In order to plan a successful office party, you need to do everything you can to overcome the typical office party cliches. This guide will help you with all of the planning, from ordering food to avoiding drunken embarrassment to getting an office party photo booth rental to add an element of fun and interactive entertainment.

The Boring Office Party
We have all gone to a boring office party. They aren’t fun. You can see the look on everyone’s faces as they scramble for an excuse to leave or an opportunity to sneak out the back door. It is important to schedule in some fun for your office party to keep your co-workers or employees entertained. A photo booth rental in Oregon, complete with photo booth props and an interactive social media option, can be a fun way to get candid pictures and invite everyone to participate. Much better than a bunch of selfies or awkward photos of people when they don’t know they are being photographed, an office party photo booth rental is a friendly and fun way to get great office photos featuring individuals and small or large group shots. Not only will this be a great way to share pictures and continue motivating each other after the party, but it is an interactive tool that can be used to get people talking and working together in a fun way apart from daily work activities.

The Drunken Office Party
Even if you have a non-alcohol party, chances are someone is going to sneak in a bottle of something at some point. Even in-office parties always have the risk of someone getting drunk, stupid and embarrassed. Unfortunately, this defeats the purpose of trying to get everyone together to work together better and have a good time. Someone is going to feel bad and others will be whispering and making fun, it’s just how that goes. Order pizzas or cater in food prior to the start of the party if possible. Even if the party itself will be catered, consider paying for a large late afternoon lunch at the workplace to get everyone full of food before they start pouring in the booze. This will help to soften the blow because alcohol on an empty stomach is never a good idea.

The “Photo Copy” Photos
We’ve all seen the Hollywood movies where the office party turns into a “make a copy of my butt” type of event. This is another typical office party cliche that can be overcome through the use of an office party photo booth rental. When you rent a photo booth in Happy Valley for your office or corporate party, you don’t just a get a booth that people walk into to take photos, but a manned photo booth with a professional attendant who can help you to monitor the situation and keep everything in control. Fun photo booth props can help cut down on the urge to do other crazy and outrageous things, helping your guests to have a good time without resorting to making strange photos on the copy machine.

The Co-Worker With No Filter
There are only some situations that can be overcome with careful planning and an employee who likes to shoot off at the mouth can be one of those situations. However, you can reduce the opportunity for something like this to happen by keeping your co-workers busy with fun and interactive activities, such as party games or engaging in the social medial aspect of the photo booth rental in Oregon. Fun party games that keep the focus of conversation on non-political, non-work related topics and onto safer subjects are always a good idea. This, along with helping to reduce the amount of alcohol and prevent employees from getting too drunk, can help to prevent the co-worker with no filter from becoming bold and just speaking his or her mind.

Where to Rent a Photo Booth in Happy Valley
If you are looking at photo booth rentals in Oregon and the Greater Portland area, look no further than SnapZone. We provide office party photo booth rental options to clients throughout the region, provide a professional attendant, photo booth props, social media options and a fun Hashtag Print Station for all your guests to enjoy. Ask about our flat rate package specials and our extra add on opportunities to create a fun and interactive experience for your employees and co-workers at your next office party. Give us a call at 503-207-2020 to BOOK a BOOTH for your next professional or personal event.

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