Oregon City Party Rentals for a Gender Reveal Baby Shower

Oregon City Party Rentals for a Gender Reveal Baby Shower

baby-showerThe biggest trend in baby showers is to host a “gender reveal” party where you tell all of your friends and family at once whether you are having a boy or a girl. Gender reveal baby showers bring a whole new element of fun and decorative opportunities for everyone involved. Because the “big reveal” is part of the excitement at your Greater Portland area party, you won’t want to decorate everything in pink or blue, but you will want to find creative ways to let everyone have a guess, make a vote or place a bet until you are ready to announce. Integrating fun ideas like a portable photo booth rental where guests can take fun pictures and use photo booth props to place their votes – team pink or team blue – can make it even more exciting.

Why Rent a Photo Booth in Oregon City?
Regardless of the type of party you are throwing, everyone always wants lots of candid pictures of the guests and the guest of honor. Choosing to rent a photo booth in Oregon City for your Gender Reveal Baby Shower is a hands-off way to add an interactive element to your party. When you get a portable photo booth rental, you also get an on-site photographer who will take pictures of you and your guests. Speak to the SnapZone Photo Booth agent about photo booth props that can be customized to reflect the theme or featured elements of your special event.

In addition to taking photos of you and your guests, you can choose from several packages when you rent a photo booth from SnapZone. Options include a social media friendly feature, high quality custom photo strips, a green screen background option, premium photo booth props and much more. The basic package for our Oregon City party rentals starts at just $425, making it an affordable option for just about any budget and a great activity feature for just about any type of party or event. Visit our website for more information on extra add-ons that will help you to create a truly custom package that will provide you with all of the experiences you want for your special Gender Reveal Baby Shower.

Choose a Gender-Neutral Theme
You will have to be very careful to pick a theme that is truly gender-neutral so you won’t accidentally reveal the gender of your baby before you are ready. Because we are celebrating a pregnancy and a baby on the way, fun themes can include “cravings” where the food served includes pickles, ice cream, salty-sweet items; baby animals where the decorations can include baby chicks, ducks, puppies, kitties and more; as well as seasonal themes that go with the time of year of current holiday. Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July – the sky is the limit!

You can incorporate the theme of the party into the reveal. Choose ways for people to “vote” for the gender that they think you are having. Create pins or buttons that have pink and blue options of the party theme – pink and blue baby ducks, pink and blue pickles, pink and blue pumpkins. Everyone chooses a button or pin and wears it throughout the party until the “big reveal” at the end of the party. As people enter your portable photo booth rental they can point to their buttons, wear them proudly and then later you can go back and see who guessed the gender correctly!

How to Do the “Big Reveal”
There are lots of ways to announce to your guests whether you are having a boy or a girl. One popular way is the box of balloons. Get a great big box and fill it with helium balloons that are either pink or blue. Make sure no one can peek and at the moment of the “big reveal” someone undoes the tape on the box to release the balloons. Another way to do it is to wrap up a baby doll dressed in pink or blue clothing – or open up a “gift” that has either a really girly outfit or a really boyish outfit inside – as a way to illustrate the reveal.

For parents who don’t want to know the gender until the reveal at the party, you can also have the ultrasound technician write down the gender on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope. Take the envelope to the baker and have a pink or blue cake baked with white frosting on the outside. The reveal happens when the cake is cut and the color is revealed. You can also get the photo booth props involved in your reveal when you rent a photo booth in Oregon City. You can use custom props or have the gender of the baby printed on the photo strips when the pictures are printed for the guests.

Planning Ahead to Secure Your Oregon City Party Rentals
However you decide to reveal the gender of your baby at your upcoming Baby Shower, just make sure to make your plans ahead of time so you can secure all of your Oregon City party rentals for your party date. You won’t want to miss out on the perfect venue or the opportunity to get a portable photo booth rental because you waited too long to make a reservation. Call SnapZone Party Booth at 503-207-2020 to find out more about our package pricing or to make a reservation for your special Gender Reveal Baby Shower or other special celebration event!

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