Oregon City Party Rentals: Photo Booth for Retirement Party

Oregon City Party Rentals: Photo Booth for Retirement Party

retirement-partyPlanning a retirement party can be a lot of fun. There are a lot of great themes that can be used, depending on the person that you are celebrating. Choose from a wide variety of interests, such as what the person’s plans are for after retirement, sports teams, hobbies and other custom ideas to really make the party special. It is all about remembering and honoring the person who has dedicated many years working at your place of business and letting them know just how much they mean to the rest of the workplace.

One way to create more memories that the retiring person and the rest of the workplace can keep with them long after the party over is to rent a photo booth in Oregon City for parties in the Greater Portland area. A special event photo booth is an excellent way to get great looking pictures of the entire staff that can be printed out, shared, posted in the break room and kept to remember the occasion. Other Oregon City party rentals can also be employed to create a fun and interactive event that everyone will enjoy.

5 Things to Remember When Planning a Party
It can be easy to overlook something important when coordinating all of the things that go into a large retirement party. The following list will help you come up with all of the elements that you will need in order to throw a great party for your co-worker or employee. Of course each element can be customized to fit within the overall theme or decor of the party, again making it even more appropriate for the person that you are honoring.

#1 – Who to Invite?
You might want to think about inviting people outside of the office for your retirement party. What about the employee’s spouse, family and friends? Of course this will depend on how large the party will be and how much space you have for the event, but it is a good idea to think about who the person will want to celebrate and enjoy the moment with on their special day. Send out invitations at least a month in advance to make sure everyone knows when and where to be for the party.

#2 – What About a Gift?
Some retirement parties invite everyone to pitch in to get a special gift for the person who is retiring. On the invitations, make sure to give guests the option of donating money via PayPal or some other online payment system so you can pool the cash and buy the gift prior to the party. Other options include donating to a favorite charity, a retirement cash fund or just allowing the guests to bring their own gifts as they see fit.

#3 – How About a Theme?
Pick a retirement party theme that the guest of honor will appreciate. You can even customize the background for the green screen photo booth rental to reflect your overall theme and decor. You could do a “This Is Your Life” celebration with photos from the person’s life and time at the company, a “Permanent Vacation” theme with Hawaiian decor, lighting and leis for everyone to wear, or even a “Gone Forever” funeral theme with everyone wearing black and mourning the loss of a favorite co-worker. Just make sure to put a lot of consideration into what the retiring co-worker would appreciate when you make your plans.

#4 – What About Activities?
Make sure to integrate some fun and exciting games and activities into your retirement party plans. You could rent a photo booth in Oregon City that would get everyone up and involved in taking pictures, looking at pictures and sharing pictures online. Ask about social media options for your special event photo booth that can make showing and sharing even more fun for you and your guests. Oregon City party rentals through SnapZone make it easy to add some action to your party. Our team will set everything up an hour before you event and clean it all up at the end of the rental period.

#5 – How About Some Food?
There are a lot of ways to serve food and refreshments at a retirement party. If the event is formal or hosted at an event center, you could do a sit down dinner with awards, a speech and everything. A buffet type situation could be catered via the co-worker’s favorite restaurant or lunch spot, but you could also just order pizzas or host a barbecue if the space and opportunity is available. Make sure to serve a wide variety of beverage choices, side dishes and desserts. Consider getting a large “Happy Retirement” cake so everyone can sing well-wishes to the departing employee.

Where to Rent a Photo Booth in Oregon City
If you are considering adding a special event photo booth to your retirement party plans, look no further than SnapZone. We serve clients all over the Greater Portland area and have a wide variety of social media, special occasion and green screen photo booth rental opportunities for you to choose from for your celebration. Give us a call at 503-207-2020 to get a quote on our Oregon City party rentals or BOOK a BOOTH for your next party online!

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