Photo Booth Rentals: Grown-Up Birthday Party in Happy Valley

Photo Booth Rentals: Grown-Up Birthday Party in Happy Valley

birthday-partyKids aren’t the only ones who enjoy a good birthday party. Special landmark birthdays for 21, 25, 30, 40, 50 and others are a great time to bring friends and family together to celebrate a special person in your life. Good food, exciting games, interactive features – there are so many ways to customize your special event. Incorporate traditional birthday ideas like cake and balloons, but combine them with new trends, such as renting a social media photo booth and providing theme matching favors and entertainment. When you rent a photo booth in Happy Valley, you can just about guarantee that your guests will have a very fun and memorable experience.

Planning Ahead for a Great Time
One of the best tips is to start planning in advance of the grown-up birthday party, at least a month or more. This will help you have enough time to reserve a birthday photo booth rental, order a cake, hire some live entertainment and get all the invitations sent out on time. Once you pick the date for the party you can begin making plans. The best time to host a birthday party is over the weekend, when most people have the day off from work. Friday nights can work well too, as long as you don’t start too early.

Some things to nail down right away before you begin making too many solid plans include:

  • Choose a date – this could impact your guest list, the place where you host the party and the ability to secure a photo booth rental in Oregon for your event.
  • Pick the venue – you will need to know how much space you have before you can decide how many people will attend, what type of entertainment you can get and what kind of food you can serve.
  • Make a guest list – make sure to include an RSVP so guests can let you know if they are coming so you’ll have a solid head-count for planning food, entertainment, favors, games and other features of the party.
  • Create a budget – you will need to know how much you have to spend so you can plan on all of the decorations, games, favors and other elements you want to include for the special event.
  • Reserve the photo booth – make sure to contact SnapZone as soon as you have all the details nailed down to secure your birthday photo booth rental for your chosen date and time.

Once all of the details have been hammed out, you have your general theme for the party and know when and where you’re going to have it, you can start sending out invitations. Specialized theme invitations are a great way to set the tone for the party and let everyone know what to expect.

Select Photo Booth Rental Options
When you call SnapZone to rent a photo booth in Happy Valley for your special birthday party celebration, make sure to ask about the package pricing and extra options available so you can make the most out of this interactive feature. A photo booth rental in Oregon is more than just a way to take pictures, it is a great way to get everyone involved in the party. It is also a great ice-breaker. What could be more fun than posing for silly pictures with the guest of honor and a bunch of friends and family?

Some of the options available for a birthday photo booth rental at SnapZone include:

  • Hashtag Print Station – check out our social media photo booth options, which include the ability for guests to upload party photos via a special Instagram hashtag, share photos with other guests and then print photos during the party to take home.
  • Photo Strips – Let your guests print out classic photo strips featuring custom elements that remind them when and where they took the pictures – available in the deluxe and premium packages or as an add-on.
  • Green Screen – Ask about our special green screen background option that allows you to put your guests in front of just about any type of background to coordinate with your birthday party theme.
  • Photo Options – Choose from full color photos, black and white or sepia for special photography effects that can enhance the theme of your party.
  • Photo Booth Props – Select from a wide variety of photo booth props that can be customized to fit the theme of your birthday party – they add an extra element of fun that your guests will enjoy using in their photos.

Excellent customer service and high quality photos are our top priority at SnapZone Photo Booth. If you are interested in contacting us to rent a photo booth in Happy Valley for your upcoming party or event, call us at 503-207-2020. We can help you pick the best birthday photo booth rental, social media photo booth options, props and extras to make sure that your guests have a great time and enjoy your special event. Call today for details on packages, availability or to see examples of other rental options.

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