Photo Booth Rentals: The Key to Fun Retirement Parties in OR

Photo Booth Rentals: The Key to Fun Retirement Parties in OR

retirement-partyHave you ever been to a retirement party at an office before? They really are never a lot of fun – even for the coworker that is getting to retire. If you have been charged with throwing a retirement party for one of your coworkers, there’s one sure fire way to make it a lot more exciting for everyone involved: get an office party photo booth rental.

What is a Photo Booth?
If you have never been to a party where they brought in fun activities and rent a photo booth in Happy Valley before, you are in for a treat. At first blush, Portland photo booth rentals might conjure up ideas of those photo booths in the mall where you sit, get your picture taken and get a strip of silly photos at the end. While it is the same concept, it’s not really the same thing.

Instead of having your photo snapped when you are not ready, there’s an attendant in the office party photo booth rental who makes sure you are at your best for the shot. Take a photo by yourself, with a friend or get a bunch of coworkers in there all at once for a really fun photo. When you rent a photo booth in Portland, you can also choose from a variety of packages that include different background options, social media tools and lots of really fun photo booth props.

What are Photo Booth Props?
Some of the props that you can expect to see when you get Portland photo booth rentals include the typical glasses, moustaches, feather boas and of course, signs. Why signs? Signs can say silly messages and help to make for great statements and memories that the retiring coworker can look back at to remember the time they spent there and so the remaining coworkers can post pictures up on the bulletin board and remember the good time they had at the office party.

Much better than smartphone photos or copy machine “shots” that are typical of some office parties, when you rent a photo booth in Happy Valley or anywhere in the Greater Portland area, you provide a fun activity that everyone will enjoy. It’s a great ice-breaker and a fun way to get everyone involved and having a good time. Even people who normally don’t socialize will often participate in our Portland photo booth rentals.

Other Ideas for a Great Party
In addition to getting an office party photo booth rental for your next retirement party or office event, there are other things you can do to get people involved and have a good time. Make sure to set a budget for your party and be as generous to the guests as you are able. Your employees work hard all year long and deserve a little going away party for the retiring coworker and something everyone can enjoy.

Consider having the office party outside of the office. Portland photo booth rentals can be delivered and set up just about anywhere as long as it is okay with the venue. Sometimes by moving the party away from the office, everyone will be more excited about it and the new location will break down barriers and help people to start socializing. If you have the party somewhere else, think outside the box and pick a fun location that will make everyone want to attend.

Don’t forget the food. Either hire a caterer or have the event at a place where food can be served. In addition to having an office party booth rental, make sure that you think about hiring a DJ, a magician or some other type of entertainment. Don’t forget to get a “Happy Retirement” cake so everyone can sing their well-wishes and either encourage everyone to bring a gift or have everyone go in together on a really nice gift for your departing coworker.

Call SnapZone Photo Booth for Greater Portland Area Rentals
If you are planning a party anywhere in the Greater Portland area for your office, a coworker’s retirement, a birthday or any other type of celebration, contact SnapZone Photo Booth. You can rent a photo booth in Happy Valley for your next event. Just give us a call at 503-207-2020 to BOOK a BOOTH or to find out more about our services.

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