Photobooth in Portland: Incorporating Fun into Office Parties

Photobooth in Portland: Incorporating Fun into Office Parties

Many businesses throw office parties throughout the year. Sometimes they are for holidays, but other times they are for birthdays, promotions and retirements of fellow employees. Whatever the purpose of your office party, it is important to start planning as soon as possible in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly. To avoid hosting an office party that nobody enjoys or wants to attend, you need to learn how to offer all of the features that will get people excited and look forward to attending the event.

An office party photo booth rental is a fun and interactive activity that is more appropriate for a business setting than allowing people to make copies of squished faces and body parts in the copy room. Consider including add-ons that would make your rental into a virtual social media photo booth that allows attendees to use a custom hashtag to include personal mobile photos to be added to the party gallery. Photo booth props can also be used to increase the fun and give guests the opportunity to laugh, let loose and make some funny poses.

While you will always have some employees who speak negatively about office parties, but you have the opportunity to change all of that through the use of well-planned activities, great tasting food and a portable photo booth rental. Make sure to always consider entertainment and things you can do to keep the party moving. That is the best way to shut down the negative co-workers before they can even get started.

Consider the Timing of the Party

Holiday parties should always be held at least two weeks before the impending holiday. This will allow for more employees and business clients to attend your event without it interfering with other plans. You should also take into consideration the work that is done at your office. If you have a lot of activity at the first or end of the month, avoid those weeks for your office party to ensure that everyone is able to attend.

Pick a Convenient Location

If you decide not to host your party at the office, make sure to choose a location that is convenient to everyone. Make sure you have room for your portable photo booth rental and that the location will allow a vendor to come in and set up the photobooth in Portland. Ample parking, simple directions and enough options that everyone will be able to find something that they like in the food buffet or menu are some other things that should be examined before picking a location.

Costs of the Party

Finding ways to help keep your party plans on budget can be important for most company planners. The Basic package for our office party photo booth rental is just $425 and includes a lot of the awesome background options, photo booth props and other items that you need to increase the fun at your office party. Extra options can be added instead of choosing the most expensive packages if you want to go a la carte.

Party Activities

Some companies will do drawings or raffle tickets to raise money for related charities as part of their office parties. Hosting a buffet, having a sit down banquet dinner, inviting a speaker or some other type of entertainment provider are all other great ideas for an enjoyable office party. Including a social media photo booth that allows co-workers to share photos via Instagram and collect them in a gallery is a fun way to encourage more interaction.

Additional Guests

Think about whether or not you will allow employees to invite spouses, family members, dates or any other additional guests to the event. Some companies sell “tickets” for extra guests to help cover costs. Just make sure that the cost is not too prohibitive or you might miss out on employees who do not want to attend solo, but do not want to pay such a high amount to bring a guest.

Safety First

One of the biggest debates in planning an office party is whether or not to serve alcohol. Some companies have moved from an “open bar” situation to a “drink ticket” program to decrease the amount of alcoholic beverages consumed by employees. Another option is to arrange for free transportation via shuttle or cab for anyone that accidentally overindulges. However, many companies are going to a “no alcohol” policy at hosted events. Some employees may purchase their own drinks from the bar direct, but the company does not supply it in any way, shape or form.

Secure Your Office Party Photo Booth Rental

Once you figure out the date and location of your upcoming office party, make sure to secure your portable photo booth rental as soon as possible to ensure availability. The team at SnapZone Photo Booth will walk you through all of your options, including social media booth galleries, photo booth props, green screen backdrops and even additional booth time. If you need a photobooth in Portland or in the Greater Portland area for your corporate party, give us a call at 503-207-2020 and BOOK a BOOTH with SnapZone!

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