Rent a Photo Booth and Host a Fun Office Party in Portland

Rent a Photo Booth and Host a Fun Office Party in Portland

office-partyHow many office parties have you ever gone to that you really enjoyed? The truth is, most people don’t look forward to going to office parties because they are usually boring. Most attend only out of a sense of obligation to the boss or whoever is throwing the party. The focus of this article will be to provide you with innovative ideas that can be used to plan a fun office party that everyone will enjoy. It will include the use of exciting food ideas, fun music and an interactive office party photo booth rental that will get everyone involved.

Why Most Office Parties Stink
When it comes to throwing an office party, it can really be a challenge. Portland is filled with tons of office buildings and individual offices, so chances are that a really awkward office party is going on somewhere in the Greater Portland area right now. One reason why office parties are difficult is that many people don’t want to mix their personal lives with their work lives. What that means is that all there is left to talk about is work related topics.

These are things you probably already talk about at the water cooler or while out on breaks, so it definitely isn’t stimulating conversation. Talking about other people or getting talked about by other people isn’t fun either, and because office parties are usually boring, a lot of office gossip gets exchanged. Mandatory parties are a buzz kill right from the very beginning. If your co-workers feel that they are being pushed into attending or feel that they are attending out of obligation to be nice or because they are worried about how not attending might affect their job, then nobody is going to have any fun.

Ideas for More Exciting Office Parties
Outside of hosting an open bar, there are other ways to get your office party hopping. One way is to hire Portland photo booth rentals to come and set up at your party. Not only will they set up a great looking photo booth in Portland at your office or the space where you are hosting your party, but they stick around, interact with your guests and encourage them to loosen up and take some fun photos. When you rent a photo booth, you also get photo props. Fun hats, mustaches, funny signs, glasses and other costume-like items can be used to get everyone excited about taking pictures together.

Interactive features, such as the social media options, can allow your co-workers to download all of the pictures that were taken at the office party through social media networks, share photos that they took on their cameras, tablets or smartphones with other co-workers and have all of the pictures in one easy-to-find location. It doesn’t matter how old your staff is or how stiff-necked they might all be during the day when the office is open, an office party photo booth rental will help everyone to let their hair down and have some fun.

In addition to getting a photo booth in Portland for your office party, you can also purchase decorations, host games and do other things that are completely unrelated to work. Some office parties choose a theme that is too closely related to the work that they do, which only reminds everyone once again that they are at a work function. Choose instead to embrace seasonal decorations, holidays or themes. Games are great ice-breakers and will get everyone smiling and having a good time before they head over to the Portland photo booth rentals.

Why Are Office Parties Important?
Regardless of the type of work that you do, office parties are very important for a number of reasons. First of all, they help to improve bonding between co-workers. Studies reveal that people who like and appreciate each other for things outside of work related issues will work better together and be more productive. If creativity is part of the workplace, bonding through an office party photo booth rental and some games will help your employees be able to communicate better with one another and be able to express suggestions and ideas that could help take your business to the next level.

Office parties are also used to celebrate milestones at the office. Despite the fact that you are celebrating office-related achievements, it is important to make sure that the party still does not focus on work. While a little work-related humor can be appropriate, remember that this is a party to celebrate the person, not the business. Some “outside the box” ideas include a vacation theme with Hawaiian decorations and drinks to celebrate a retirement; pink or blue balloons and baby theme decorations to celebrate a parent returning after maternity or paternity leave; and an “Office Olympics” game party to celebrate and award a promoted co-worker.

How to Rent a Photo Booth
If you are interested in getting Portland photo booth rentals for your next office party or big event, look no further than SnapZone Photo Booth. We have several packages available for your office party photo booth rental and lots of extras that you can include for even more fun and excitement. Give us a call at 503-207-2020 to get a free quote, secure a date or to learn more about our services.

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