Rent a Photo Booth for a Family Reunion in the Portland Area

Rent a Photo Booth for a Family Reunion in the Portland Area

Family Reunion Photo BoothHave you ever been to a family reunion? Are you now charged with planning an event that will bring your family together for one special day or a weekend? Planning a family reunion is very similar to planning any other type of event. You will need to choose a venue, pick a menu and hire vendors, such as a portable photo booth rental, in order to make the event fun for everyone involved. However, before you go out and hire a catering company or book a date through Portland photo booth rentals, there are things that need to be done first.

Step One: Choose the Venue
Where you host your family reunion will dictate what you can do and the amount of space that you have to do it in. Some families like outdoor locations, such as parks or country clubs, where they can spread out and do some fun games and activities with guests of all ages. You can still include all of the extras, such as a social media photo booth or hire a live band or DJ to come and provide some music, but you will want to check with the venue first to see what is allowed and find out whether insurance or any additional requirements need to be met.

Step Two: Pick the Date
When you schedule your family reunion, take care not to schedule it at another time of year that might be difficult for everyone to attend. Some families like to do it in conjunction with a federal holiday or other type of three-day weekend, as this allows for more travel time to and from the event, making it easier for everyone to get to the designated location. Be careful not to try to schedule during a busy event season, such as prom, wedding season or even the winter holidays, as it might be more difficult to get a venue or secure vendors, such as a photobooth in Portland.

Step Three: Create a Budget
Before you start putting everything else in place, it helps to have a budget. Whether everyone pitches in to pay for the reunion or if people take turns hosting and paying for the extras, it is helpful to know how much money you’ve got to work with before you get started. Contact family members or meet for a discussion with the heads-of-household for each group of siblings, cousins or grandparents to decide how to pay for the event. Some families get a price and divide it up per-person or per-family group and have everyone PayPal or otherwise send the money to the organizer by a certain deadline date.

Step Four: Plan Activities
Will you have games? Will there be prizes? Will you go on a day trip or go see a movie? There are lots of fun things that families do at reunions. Most people traditionally think about a picnic at a park, but you can also rent a banquet hall or country club ballroom space, go to a zoo or theme park for the day before the big family dinner. Try to think of something that will engage family members of all ages and interests. You won’t be able to please everyone, but something that will be fun for the majority will likely be fun for all.

Step Five: Hire Vendors
You can choose to have everyone bring a potluck dish or you can cater your family reunion event. You can count on Uncle Herb to take pictures of everyone during the gathering or you can hire a professional photobooth in Portland to create a fun and interactive opportunity for everyone to take some great pictures. Portland photo booth rentals are a fun and affordable way to make sure everyone gets in front of the camera, makes a great opportunity for cousins, siblings and families to have a nice photo taken, and can also be used to gather all of the images into a single private gallery that can be made into an album later. When you call to rent a photo booth, make sure to ask about social media photo booth options that can really enhance the experience.

Step Six: Send Out the Invites
Make sure to give everyone as much notice in advance as possible. If this is an annual event, everyone should be expecting your invitations, but it is still good to send them out as soon as you have the venue and the date nailed down. Make sure to note if the event will be catered or if everyone needs to bring something. Also note the type of activities you will be doing so they can dress and plan accordingly. If you decide to use a portable photo booth rental at any time during your event, make sure to include the unique hashtag option that will allow them to add social media photos to the family photo gallery during the event.

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