Rent a Special Event Photo Booth for Grad Party in Gresham

Rent a Special Event Photo Booth for Grad Party in Gresham

grad-partyGraduation parties can be a lot of fun, whether it’s an 8th grade to High School graduation, High School graduation or College graduation, it’s a great excuse for a party! If you are throwing a party in the Greater Portland area, consider renting a special event photo booth. When you rent a photo booth for your graduation party, you aren’t just getting a great way to take photos and make memories, you are also getting a form of entertainment and an activity that everyone can participate in during the event.

From unique photo booth props to fun interactive social media tools, renting a photobooth in Gresham, OR and the surrounding area is an exciting way to get your guests involved in taking photos together and sharing mobile device photos with each other through our Hashtag Print Station feature. SnapZone Photo Booth is a great way to raise the bar on any party, but for graduates who want a new and innovative opportunity to mark the occasion, a special event photo booth is the perfect solution.

Planning the Party
The more time you have to start planning the Grad party in advance, the better. Because many different types of graduations all happen at about the same time between mid-May and mid-June, and lots of people want to rent a photo booth for their parties. Even if you try to stagger it to avoid scheduling around other parties in the area, chances are that with wedding season in full swing and other summer vacation type events occurring, you might be hard pressed to be able to get a special event photo booth for that time period if you don’t do it well in advance.

In fact, other vendors who cater to Grad party type events will suggest that you begin putting down deposits and making reservations some time after the new year in January. You might be able to rent a photo booth later, but you will need to be flexible on your party dates. So go ahead and reserve the venue, hire the caterer, put down a deposit on the cake and don’t forget to contact SnapZone Photo Booth to ask about photo booth props and reservations as soon as you nail down the date.

Activities for the Party
Once you get all of your scheduling done, know where the party will be taking place and when, you can start planning some activities. While your photobooth in Gresham, OR will provide a lot of excitement and activity, you might want to hire a DJ, a live band or even get some other type of interactive game or feature for the party. Pool parties are quite popular, but so are destination parties where everyone meets at a local activity center, park or party location. You can still get a special event photo booth for many of these locations, just make sure to speak with the venue about your idea to rent a photo booth ahead of time.

Party Favors for Your Grad Party
In addition to food, which should be catered or well-planned with the venue in advance, you will also want to have some party favors and treats for your guests. Cookies, cupcakes and candy rank high on the list for kids of all ages – even college graduates. Cake pops, a chocolate fountain for dipping cookies or marshmallows, personalized M&M’s, caramel apples and a cotton candy machine are just some of the fun ways to provide some special treats for your guests.

Tiny gifts or favors are also a great idea. If the other guests are also graduating, consider getting some bags of goodies that are decked out in the school colors or that somehow represent the school mascot or local area. Tiny graduation caps on top of small boxes filled with personalized candies in school colors would embrace all of these ideas in one and create a very memorable gift that your guests will really appreciate.

Call SnapZone Photo Booth to Rent a Photo Booth
The sooner you can contact our office to get your special event photo booth reserved the better. Make sure to ask about custom photo booth props and other ways that you can customize the experience for your Grad and your guests. You can rent a photo booth anywhere in the Greater Portland area. Just give us a call at 503-207-2020 to BOOK a BOOTH or to find out more about our services and package options.

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