Special Event Photo Booth: How to Host a Successful Fundraiser

Special Event Photo Booth: How to Host a Successful Fundraiser

fundraiser-eventIf you are charged with the undertaking of planning and hosting a successful fundraiser or community event, it is important to make sure that all of your plans focus somehow on the goal of the event as a whole. Large and even mid-sized events can be overwhelming, such as auctions, dinners, galas, golf tournaments, concerts and even walks or runs. It is important to find a way to interact with every attendee or participant, find activities to keep them busy throughout the event and create opportunities to get them more invested and involved.

One way to achieve all of those goals is to include a special event photo booth in your plans. Regardless of the type of event you are hosting, renting a photobooth in Gresham, OR and the surrounding Greater Portland area, will attract the attention of your attendees, help to break the ice and get everyone involved. Whether they are posing for pictures or just watching everyone else get in on the fun, a photo booth for special event fundraisers can be just the special item you need to put your fundraiser over the top.

Tip #1 – Coordinate With Other Organizations
One way to really help your fundraiser to gain more attention, participation and respect within the community is to coordinate and partner with other organizations. Inviting local business owners to help sponsor the event, to help pay for decorations, food and beverage, entertainment or even the interactive green screen photo booth rental, can really make a difference. Not only will you reduce your overhead so that more money will go directly to the charity or group that you are fundraising for, but you will also get more people involved in the function.

BONUS TIP – When people sponsor an event they like to tell friends and colleagues about their involvement. They will often attend the event, bring along employees or family members, some of which will also donate money to your cause.

Tip #2 – Give People a Reason to Attend
There needs to be something at your special fundraiser event that will get people to want to attend – even people who aren’t really interested in your cause. You will get some guests that want to attend and donate because they support the organization or group, but you will get some that will attend purely because of the entertainment or other opportunities that are provided at the fundraiser. This is why golf tournaments, concerts and other interactive events do so well. People will want to participate and see the donation to the cause as a tax write-off or an excuse to do so, because it’s “for a good cause.”

BONUS TIP – Once you get them there, you can layer in other opportunities, such as taking social media pictures at the special event photo booth, standing in front of the special background green screen photo booth rental to show that they were there or posing with celebrities and other special guests for keepsake photos.

Tip #3 – Create a Budget
If you are new to event planning, you might want to consult with a professional. There will be a lot of contracts to sign for things like the photo booth for special event fundraisers, a lot of deposits to put down for the venue, and a lot of things that will need a careful and experienced eye. It is a good idea to sit down and create a budget before you do anything or put anything in writing. You will want to make a list of all the things you will need to host a successful fundraiser and get the basic costs for each element. Some of the things you will need to have include rental cost for the venue, liability insurance for the overall event, utility costs, clean-up services, food and beverages, your special event photo booth rental, tables and chairs or other seating, parking, security, paid staff and volunteers, as well as the things you need to pull off your event, such as performers, activity leaders, permits, advertising and prizes.

BONUS TIP – Instead of hiring a professional photographer to go around taking pictures of your guests, consider renting a photobooth in Gresham, OR and the Greater Portland area to capture fun shots of attendees. Photo booth props can be used that match the theme or fundraising goals of your event and, in fact, the entire photo booth for special event fundraisers can be customized to suit your specific needs.

If you are interested in learning more about getting a special event photo booth for your fundraiser or community event, look no further than SnapZone Photo Booth. We provide a top quality photobooth in Gresham, Oregon and the surrounding area with several packages and extra add-ons to choose from to enhance your special event. Choose from a social media driven or green screen photo booth rental, select basic and premium photo booth props, and you can even customize photo strips with a logo and other information for your event. Give us a call at 503-207-2020 to get pricing on our packages or to reserve a photo booth for special event fundraisers and parties in the future.

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