Wedding Reception Photo Booth: Hosting a Fun Reception in Beaverton

Wedding Reception Photo Booth: Hosting a Fun Reception in Beaverton

wedding-receptionPlanning a wedding can be a huge undertaking, but when it comes to thinking about all of the things that you want to include for your guests at your wedding reception, it can get downright overwhelming! One of the greatest inventions in recent years is the wedding reception photo booth. You can rent a photo booth in Beaverton or anywhere in the Greater Portland area to provide interactive entertainment and lifelong memories for everyone that attends your special celebration.

Photo Booths: No More Disposable Cameras

If you have ever attended a wedding reception and saw a stack of disposable cameras on the tables, you might have wondered why they were there. Many guests know that the bride and groom put those cameras out so everyone will take fun and candid pictures of everyone at the reception that they can develop later and enjoy. Unfortunately, kids will often pick up these pictures and take random photos or pictures of the floor, someone’s shoes – it can really be a waste. Other guests might think they are party favors and will just take them home. Either way, disposable cameras are not a good way to capture candid moments during your wedding reception.

Photo Booths: Good Fun for All Ages

One advantage that your guests will appreciate when you rent a photo booth for wedding reception photos is that it is fun for all ages. Kids can go into the booth and get their pictures taken and adults will enjoy the experience just as much. SnapZone even has a green screen photo booth rental option so you can put your guests in front of just about any type of background you could imagine. Combine these great features with photo booth props that can be customized to reflect the theme and colors of your wedding reception and you have an instant memory maker that everyone will still be talking about weeks after your wedding.

Photo Booths: Built-In Entertainment

When you are busy doing all the “wedding stuff” with your new spouse, chances are you won’t have time to make sure that everyone else is having a good time. A wedding reception photo booth isn’t like the booths that you see at the mall where people go in and the camera is programmed to go off on its own. SnapZone Photo Booth in Beaverton provides a photographer who mans the booth, take pictures when your guests are ready and can help them figure out all of the props and options available. It’s a great way to keep everyone busy until the “big moments” of cake cutting, first dances and bouquet throwing occur.

Photo Booths: Social Media Friendly

Yep, you read that right – when you rent a photo booth for wedding receptions in the Greater Portland area, you get a social media friendly experience. The Hashtag Print Station from SnapZone turns your wedding reception photo booth into a fun and interactive way for guests to share their photos onto a special hashtag spot via Instagram and also allows for them to view those photos on an iPad during your reception. Guests can browse the photos taken in the green screen photo booth rental and the photos that were uploaded by other guests, choose the ones they want and then print them out to take home as favors!

Photo Booths: Great Ice-Breakers

A wedding brings together two families into one, but it also brings together friends, co-workers and other extended family members. It is important to bring everyone together on a positive note to start a good relationship that will last throughout your marriage. A photo booth in Beaverton at your wedding reception will bring everyone together to take, share and print photos, giving them all an opportunity to learn who everyone is on both sides of the families and chat with one another. It’s a great way to get everyone to let their hair down, have an opportunity to mingle and start your new life together on the right foot.

How to Rent a Photo Booth in Beaverton

If you are interested in renting a wedding reception photo booth for your special day, contact SnapZone Photo Booth. You can get a basic or green screen photo booth rental anywhere in the Greater Portland area for wedding receptions, birthday parties, anniversaries, office parties, charity events and other special occasions! Give us a call at 503-207-2020 to speak with one of our customer service agents so you can start making plans to BOOK a BOOTH or get a quote on renting a photo booth in Beaverton. Ask about our special package offerings and extra options that can be added to any photo booth rental!

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