Why You Need a Wedding Photo Booth at Your Beaverton Reception

Why You Need a Wedding Photo Booth at Your Beaverton Reception

wedding-receptionWhen it comes time to planning your wedding there are so many things to consider. You’ve got to pick the location for the ceremony, reserve a venue for the reception, book a DJ or a live band, negotiate with caterers, pick out a cake and hire a photographer. Beyond that there are dozens of other jobs that must be done before your special day. Some couples are choosing to simplify at least one of the tasks on their ever-growing list of wedding to-dos.

Instead of paying thousands to hire a photographer who will take pictures of your vows and all of the special “firsts” that are to follow, as well as a secondary photographer or videographer to go around and get candid shots of your guests, why not get a wedding photo booth? There are many advantages to choosing to go with a photo booth in Beaverton or anywhere in the Greater Portland area and in this article we will tackle five of the biggest reasons behind the huge growth in wedding reception photo booth rentals in the northwest.

Reason #1 – Photo Booths Are Fun!

Have you ever used a green screen photo booth rental at a party or event? It’s sort of like the little booths that you probably used to go into with friends at the mall when you were younger, but it’s much larger and a lot more fun. In addition to providing you with a great opportunity to take pictures with family and friends, a wedding photo booth from SnapZone Photo Booth also has lots of other exciting and custom features that can really make it a fun activity for everyone involved. When you rent a photo booth in Beaverton, make sure to ask about photo booth props, green screens, custom photo strips and other extras that you can add to your basic package.

Reason #2 – Keeps Guests Busy!

There are certain time frames within the day of your wedding where you won’t be there or be able to entertain your guests. After the vows are all said and done, there’s still a lot to do. Photos of the bride, groom, wedding party and immediate family members will need to be taken and preparation time is required to make wardrobe changes. Instead of just letting your guests mill around with nothing to do, a wedding reception photo booth will be a fun and new activity for many of your guests – in fact you might notice a big line forming and a group hanging around as people wait to see the photos appear on the screen.

Reason #3 – Instant Wedding Favors!

While the digital versions of the photos will all be collected for the bride and groom as part of their keepsake from the day’s events, the green screen photo booth rental also has the capability of printing out photos for the guests to take home. Speak with a representative at SnapZone Photo Booth about customizing your photo booth prints to include your names, the date of your wedding and any other embellishments that you want to add. Choose from full color or black and white prints as well. Forget about leaving those one-time use cameras on the table that usually end up with tons of pictures taken by kids when no one was looking, a wedding photo booth is a much more exciting and interactive way to take pictures.

Reason #4 – Great Ice Breakers!

For many couples, the wedding is the first time that many of their family members and friends will be meeting for the first time. To say that this can be a little awkward is more than an understatement. To break the ice, standing around and watching the funny pictures that come out of the wedding reception photo booth or appear on the screen can be a great reason to start talking and getting to know one another. Your guests can start learning each others’ names and can start seeing true personalities – not stiff, awkward, I-just-met-you expressions – come through.

Reason #5 – Social Media Options!

SnapZone Photo Booth in Beaverton and the Greater Portland, OR area has a unique feature known as the Hashtag Print Station. This option allows you to create a special hashtag specifically for your wedding reception that will let guests view and download photos taken in the green screen photo booth rental or upload and share photos that they took from their own smartphones or digital cameras throughout the event. It’s a great way to add even more pictures to your scrap book and lets guests print their own photos or save them to their computers through social media.

If you are interested in getting a wedding reception photo booth for your special day or need a photo booth in Beaverton for another type of occasion, such as a birthday, office party or graduation, contact SnapZone Photo Booth. We have several price point packages for you to choose from and lots of fun and exciting extras that can be added to create a truly custom experience. Just give us a call at 503-207-2020 to BOOK a BOOTH for your wedding reception!

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